Katie Louise

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What "they" are saying about Katie Louise

Katie....you sound great, you have a really great voice. You sing your ass off.
Danny Seraphine: Chicago, California Transit Authority

Beautiful Voice!!! You are Blessed!!
Al Caldwell: Vanessa Williams Band
Hi Katie, I was listening to your tunes VERY COOL. You have a great voice.
Chris Pinnick: Chicago, Herb Alpert, HLMP
I checked out some of your stuff and think you sing your tail off!
Lenny Lopez: Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns
Katie, we luv you dear friend!!!!!
WAK, Clyde and J.D. : The Commodores
  I really like, "Spend a little time."   Great groove.
Mingo Lewis: Santana, Room of Voices, Vortex Tribe
Katie, You sound wonderful.  Follow your passion.
Ricky Lee Phelps: Kentucky Headhunters, Brother Phelps
  I'm enjoying your music and voice! Good wishes on your journey!!!
Chuck Negron: Three Dog Night, Special Guest of BS&T
Songs are very well written and performed, plus the wide range of vocal styles. You are a mega talent!
Albert Q. Wing: Frank Zappa, George Benson
  You are amazing. Brilliant voice, the passion is all there . . .the tears were rolling down my cheeks.  Bring your music to this part of the world too.
Bryn: New Zealand